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About Us

New Vision Cleaning (NVC) was born out of the passion to deliver quality and efficient cleaning services to homes, offices, and commercial places to ensure clean and healthier environments. We understand how busy or overwhelmed you might be. So, this is why we are here to handle all your cleaning needs while you focus on other aspects of your life.

At NVC, we provide professional cleaning services which range from vacuuming, surface cleaning, furniture, laundry, floors, beddings, and carpet cleanings to many other cleaning needs you may have. Our major purpose is to take the weight of housekeeping off your shoulders. While we provide a quality service to your satisfaction. We operate mostly around Sacramento, CA, Our cleaning approach is second to none. We also work with real estate, hotels, guesthouses, homeowners, offices, and other commercial purposes clients. We are a fully certified cleaning company that you can trust with your house cleaning. So, choose us today and enjoy the comfort of a clean home or office.

Our Mission and Aim

Our mission is to deliver high-class cleaning solutions while utilizing the most efficient cleaning tools and technologies to achieve the best results. We also target to expand our large clientele to all areas of Sacramento and the State of California at large.

Our aim is directed toward ensuring a clean and healthier environment. We also work tirelessly to make our cleaning services suitable for people at different levels of life. While developing our staff to understand the great benefits of delivering efficient customer service.

Why Choose Us

Here’s why NVC can become your reliable cleaning service providers

Professionally Trained Staff

Our staff are fully trained to deliver high-class and top-quality cleaning service solutions to your satisfaction

Highly Experienced

We have been in this cleaning business for years. So, we understand how to handle all kinds of cleaning projects

High-Quality Service

We are committed to providing only top-notch cleaning services that can bring sparkles to your homes and offices.

Efficient Cleaning Tools

We utilize efficient and high-standard cleaning tools and materials to ensure the best results


We can make use of disinfectants or antiseptics to kill germs present on your surface to ensure a healthier environment

Customer Satisfaction

We follow a customer-centric approach targeted at ensuring the highest point of customer experience.

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