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House Cleaning

Let’s help you Keep your House Spotlessly Clean from dirt and germs.

A clean home is synonymous with a healthy home. Do you wish to have a specialized company handle your house cleaning to bring out that sparkling glow your home deserves? Then, welcome to New Vision Cleaning, we are all you need for a freshly cleaned and sanitized home. Give us a call today and book an order for your house cleaning.

Professional and Certified House Cleaners in Sacramento, CA

At NVC, we understand that your house is your safe space to relax away from all the daily hustles and bustles. Therefore, the need to keep them clean and comfortable. We lift the burden of cleaning your house off your chest while you have ample time to focus on other important things about you.

Our home cleaning services are designed to make your house look spotlessly clean to your satisfaction. We make use of cleaning methods and materials that are completely safe for both your children, pets, and adults alike. Our unique one-of-a-kind housing cleaning approach is designed to provide thorough and deep cleaning around your home. We also provide one-time house cleaning services or recurring cleanings. You can also contact us to clean your new house before you move in or when you are moving out. Choose NVC for an efficient and top-class house cleaning service.

Benefits of a Clean House

Here’s why you need to maintain a clean house for a healthy lifestyle

Health Reasons

A dirty house can only harbor germs which in turn results in diseases. Maintaining a cleaner home will prevent you from falling sick.

Great Fragrance

Some areas of your house can start smelling if they are not properly clean at all times, like toilets, bathrooms, and the kitchen.


Keeping your house freshly clean at all times brings comfort and a sense of appeal to your home.

Pest-free Environment

A scattered home can be house to rodents and pests if not cleaned sooner. Getting your house clean at all times promotes a healthy environment.

Standard House Cleaning Service in Sacramento, CA

At New Vision Cleaning, we provide quality and standard house cleaning services to keep your house freshly neat and healthy. On-demand, we also offer sanitization solutions to disinfect high-traffic areas like handrails and door handles. Our house cleaning services can also be extended to residential and commercial properties alike.

We deliver a wide variety of cleaning solutions which include; dusting, sweeping, trash disposal, cob webbing, scrubbing, floor & tiles washing, sinks & cleaning, carpet cleaning, beddings and whole lots of other house cleaning services. Our team is well-trained to make your house look neat and very organized. With New Vision Cleaning, you don’t need to worry about your house cleaning as we believe you have enough on your plates. All you have to do is, contact us or book our services and enjoy the comfort of living in a freshly cleaned house.

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