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Domestic Cleaning

We can professionally handle all your domestic cleaning chores to your complete satisfaction.

Are you looking for a top-class cleaning service company to take care of all your domestic cleaning chores? Or, are you so busy with work that you don’t have much time for cleaning your home? Not worry, at New Vision Cleaning, we got you fully covered.

All Round Domestic Cleaning Service in Sacramento, CA

At New Vision Cleaning, we understand that every home has specific domestic cleaning needs. These needs may vary based on the property size, type of lifestyle, family members, etc. This is why we provide all-around domestic cleaning solutions that fully accommodate all your needs. 

We provide one-time or periodic domestic cleaning services based on your demand. We can work weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or even seasonal. Before executing your cleaning task, we will go over all the necessary things you need to be cleaned around your house. They can be carpets, floors, tiles, wall surfaces, ceilings, furniture and fittings, switches, windows, doors, frames, large picture or art frames, kitchen cabinets, sinks, house equipment, etc. We provide all-around domestic cleaning services to make your home clean and germ-free.

What We Do

Under our domestic cleaning services, here are the areas we cover

Living Room Cleaning

We clean, scrub, mop, and vacuum clean living rooms for the best customer experience.

Bathroom Cleaning

We clean and disinfect bathroom floors and accessories to become neat and germ-free.

Bedroom Cleaning

We can professionally arrange and clean your bedroom to appear tidy and organized.

Hallway and Staircase

We take care of hallways and staircase cleaning. Our services also cut across sanitizing handrails and frames.

Kitchen Cleaning

This involves cleaning your kitchen, dishwashing, cabinet cleaning, sink washing, and kitchen appliance cleaning

Domestic Cleaning Service with a Difference

At NVC, we can only provide top-class domestic cleaning solutions that will blow away your mind. Our services can transform your home to look stunning and attractive. On-demand, we can help you sanitize often-touched areas like handrails. Our cleaning approach is completely safe and healthy. Therefore, we will never use cleaning materials that will trigger your allergy. If you wish for a professional domestic cleaning service to turn around your home and give it that stunning looks it deserves. Then, call us today.

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