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Office Cleaning

We provide effective cleaning solutions to keep offices and workplaces neat at all times.

Looking for a professional cleaning company to handle your office cleaning at affordable rates while offering top-class cleaning service? Then, introducing New Vision Cleaning (NVC). Here, we are a full-service cleaning company that can provide cleaning solutions that will make your office or workplace clean at all times.

Professional Office Cleaners in Sacramento, CA

When hiring office cleaning, you need to consider how fast they are, and their ability to fully integrate their process with your timetable – opening and closing time. At New Vision Cleaning, we are committed to providing the right office cleaning solutions that can blend with your company's needs and schedule.


Our experienced staffs are well-trained to be exact, thorough, and friendly while providing effective cleaning solutions to boost your office glow. We are involved with cleaning and shining your office furniture & cabinets, vacuum cleaning, dusting, cob webbing, window cleaning, doors, frames, office upholsteries, flooring, toilets & bathroom, and other areas of the office you need help cleaning. Our approach is fast and it is designed to offer great customer experiences. So, if you need help with your office cleaning, kindly give us a call today or book a service.

What We Do

Here are the services we offer when you choose us for your office cleaning

Office Floor Cleaning

We will sweep, scrub and vacuum clean your office floor to provide the best neat flooring experience. Our process is designed to ensure your floors look sparkling and shiny.

Office Cabinets & Furniture

We will dust and clean your office furniture and fittings to ensure there’s no presence of dust or dirt around them.

Office Window & Door Cleaning

We will also clean and sanitize your door, window, frames, and door handles. This is to ensure a germ-free environment in your place of work.

Bathroom & Toilet Cleaning

We can clean and sanitize your bathroom and toilets while ensuring clean washing sinks and toilet bowls.

Plant Maintenance

If you have young plants that need nurturing or watering, we can help you handle that while you focus on your work.

Custom Office Cleaning

We can also accommodate any other custom or special office cleaning needs which you may have.

Leave Your Office Cleaning to Us

With NVC, you don’t need to ever worry about cleaning your office or workplace as we are here to lift that burden off your shoulders. We can provide one-time services or continuous services like daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or depending on your needs at the time. We also always ensure to use quality and standard cleaning materials that are highly public friendly. This is to ensure we don’t trigger any form of allergy in your workplace. We observe HSE while offering our cleaning services so you wouldn’t incur any form of expenses or damages. Choose New Vision Cleaning solutions and enjoy the comfort of working in a well-cleaned office at all times.

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