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Upholstery Cleaning

We can transform your upholstered furniture to look new and sparkling again.

Upholsteries are very essential in homes or workplaces because they give visitors the first impression of how neat your house is, especially when they sit down on it. Is your upholstery already looking all faded and dirty? Do you want to deep wash them to look clean and new again? Welcome to New Vision Cleaning, we can help you.

High Standard Upholstery Cleaning Services in Sacramento, CA

At NVC, we offer professional upholstery cleaning services to transform your sofas to look bright and attractive again. Our cleaning professionals are well-trained to handle any type of upholstery fabric. The way we treat your leather will not be the same when we are cleaning suede or linen.

Interestingly, we have mastered the right cleaning methods that can elongate the lifespan of your upholstery. Note, there’s a way you clean upholstered furniture; you might either scratch the fabrics or get the foam soaked with water. Hence, this can cause the furniture to start smelling when not fully exposed to sunlight for the moisture to dry up. However, at NVC, we deliver professional cleaning solutions that will not only remove the dirt but all enhance the fragrance coming out from your upholstery. So, choose us today and let our cleaning technicians clean your furniture to your utmost satisfaction.

Our Upholstery Cleaning Process

Our experienced workers are well-familiar with the specific approach when cleaning any type of upholstery fabric. In the case of leather, we will first try to identify the leather type, from then we can decipher the cleaning methods to be used. For example, some leather might not be good at absorbing water or maybe might lose its color when dried out. We utilize specific cleaners, moisturizers, and protectors to ensure your upholstery leathers are well-taken care of.


In the case of synthetic fabrics, we can perform a process called hot water extraction. This process starts with the use of surface-friendly detergents to remove stains like ink, oil, paint, etc. Once the stains are removed, we will inject hot water into the upholstery fibers to flush away accumulated dust. Finally, we will extract the injected water mixed with dirt from the upholstery fiber via the use of a suction machine. Then, we will leave your upholstery to be deodorized.

Subsequently, we can also employ the use of upholstery protectors to ensure your sofas stay clean and void of stains for a reasonable period. However, as your reliable upholstery cleaning professionals, we know the right protectors that can perfectly suit your upholstery fabrics. So, why don’t you call NVC today for an efficient upholstery cleaning service?

What We Do

Here are the areas of upholstery services we cover


Residential Cleaning

We can provide quality upholstery cleaning services for homes and residential properties. Our residential upholstery cleaning includes stain removal, deodorization, deep cleaning, etc. We utilize cleaning materials and methods that are completely home-friendly. Our upholstery cleaning approach will ensure your sofas do not smell after they are cleaned.


Commercial Cleaning

At NVC, we provide upholstery cleaning solutions to commercial and public properties alike. We can clean for hotels, offices, cinemas, restaurants and other commercial institutions. No matter how many sofas or upholstered furniture we have cleaned, we will always maintain the same cleaning standard on all of them. Our commercial upholstery cleaning services are designed to attain your level of great customer satisfaction.

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